Thursday, September 30, 2010

Truly Enlightening Experience - Max Brown's Sessions at Gift Wrapped

31st August, 2010 was a saturday that was different from most others. Mr. Max Brown a Motivational speaker by profession and Vice President, Organizational Learning - Recognition Management Institute, Canada had visited our office. He was kind enough to share a formidable amount of time with all employees of Gift Wrapped, offering insights and tips on how one can enjoy work and maintain a work-life balance.

He spoke passionately about human values across all walks of life and expressed happiness about our company's recognition activities and celebrations held every week - congratulating all staff who have completed 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months and people whose birthday fell that week. He spoke about employee recognition being the most important driving factor in today's corporate world.

A highly regarded personality, Mr. Brown was very kind to have spent a good amount of time speaking to and motivating almost all our staff. His modesty was truly inspiring and the interaction with him a very enlightening experience for all of us. We will cherish his visit for a very long time to come.

Submitted By: Ivan D'Souza

About Max Brown:

In the last ten years, Max Brown has made nearly one thousand presentations in locations all around the world. He’s taken clients rappelling off the Great Wall of China, facilitated at the Parliament of World Religions Conference in Spain, spoken to a cheering crowd in the Netherlands, and even survived a severe winter presentation in Regina, Saskatchewan. With his experience in leadership training, speaking, and facilitating around the world, Max brings a global perspective to the challenge of motivating people.

Max laces his presentations with stories and examples that inspire people to act. Audiences at companies such as American Express, GE, The Nature Conservancy, HSBC, Quest Diagnostics, and Jones Apparel have raved about his interactive, engaging style. As a result, he travels 200,000 miles per year to deliver presentations to clients around the globe!

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